Skull heads


So as part of my business I’m starting to sell skull heads with succulents. I’m obsessed with skulls and since I love succulents and plants, what better way to mix the two together and create great gift ideas or even spunk up your home or office.

They look great and so easy to maintain. Please contact me about any enquiries.

Please let me know what you think about the skull heads any feedback is good feedback!!






The Block 2014….


So im not sure if anyone else has the same problem but I’m completely obsessed with the block.

The new Block Fans vs Faves has started and i can’t wait to see what this year has to bring. I’m lucky enough to know somebody that got through this year. The VIC team Chantelle and Steve, chantelle was the maid of honour at my sisters wedding. So I’m rooting for them to win!!

So the first two nights each couple had to make a room from scratch with the design brief being downtown manhattan loft. I love the idea of a loft they can be a little out there. i want to create a video so me and the boyfriend can go on it next year would love to put my design skills to work 🙂

Here is Chantelle and Steves room from the elimination round!

Photos of some other loft apartments


i reckon i loft isn’t a loft without the industrial look, some wood somewhere or a little steel or metal is a great way to add a little downtown manhattan yo your loft. try look at bright colours that pop and make a statement. my idea of a cool feature wall would be graffiti of some kind.

Indisposable concept- bring back film


I just hade to write about my new found love in a Instagram page called Indisposable Concept.

From my knowledge its based in the sunny city of brisbane, they process your film you have shot over a week and post images on there Instagram page.

i was so delighted to find this site as i have a love for film so when i get the chance i usually work with medium. i have a slight obsession with disposable cameras and everyone pretty much expects me to have one at a party. You can pick up a $5 camera from you local reject store or if you like photography with a film camera a good beginners camera is a pentax k1000 i started with that and absolutely love it you costs a bit for film but its worth it!!

So, if you love getting on Instagram, i suggest you add that you your list of Instagram stalking. people from all over the world have sent cameras and digital images to them. I think its a great way for people to think and use film more instead of digitally enhanced photos. Film is such a raw medium i want people to use it more, its creative and beautiful. My favourite is working with black and white film.

here are some pics from a disposable camera over the new year period.ImageImageImageImageleImage ImageImage

Printing with light..


So was looking through my instagram feed this morning, and came across lumi a company supplying a creative tool that allows you to print photographic images & patterns onto fabric with natural sunlight. 

Its pretty simple and you can buy starter kits off their website. Its a great way to print your own images onto t-shirts, dresses, jackets, and canvases without the mess of paints, stencils and screens. Thankfully they ship internationally!!

Check out their website for some great DIY ideas that you can try at home with their starter kit!! 




The Night Market


So everyone who lives in melbourne should know of the Queen Victoria market, I’ve decided to let you all in on a secret.

every wednesday night the queen victoria market holds a night market which as they like to say is a place to meet for global street food, vintage fashion, eclectic wares, wine bars and live music.

As street food stalls are becoming more popular, the night market has over 60 different street food stalls. Delicious tastes from the world like afghan, spanish and malaysian and burgers and steaks for your boyfriend or husband.

They have great vintage stores, jewellery, homewards, health and well being stalls, live music and what every aussie loves a good drink. Sangria is someone i suggest you try!!


They have actually extended their season and will be running until march 26th 5pm-10pm. 

Well i know where i will be heading next wednesday night to help with some inspiration, maybe a photo or two and a cheeky drink!

Healthy juicing..


I was sitting down talking with my mum the other night and we decided we should start doing some healthy juices each day.


So my mum went down to our local farmers market to pick up some fresh, fruit and veg to start commencing the healthy kick to 2014 we need.


Today I decided to make a juice unfortunately my mum forgot the oranges but I created a delicious juice anyways…







I also found out that beetroot is good for the skin:


Its packed with antioxidants which are great for skin cell renewal.

Raw beetroot is high in folate, which you need to protect your cells from damage.


I’m going to try have a juice everyday, so I will post most of them on here. I didn’t take a photo today, sorry.